Bicycles, Roller Skates, & Skateboards Oh My!

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the proposed ordinance regarding bicycles, roller skates, and skateboards in downtown.  I’ve heard a number of interpretations calling it a “ban” and saying it would “limit access”.  But, if you look at what we have now, this would provide much more access.  Currently, riders are supposed to walk bikes over a large area, much of which doesn’t make sense. What we have now is below in yellow and the proposed new one is in red.

Updated Dismount District Map

A full sized version can be found here.

Another aspect of this is public safety. There are many hidden doorways and corners in downtown, someone who is moving along at speed might have trouble reacting fast enough to a pedestrian appearing from a hidden area.

Many of us have worked for years to help build a downtown Topekans can be proud of. I’m a little disheartened to hear this ordinance referred to as a “ban”. Everyone is welcome in downtown regardless of how they choose to get around. This ordinance only asks that riders dismount for a very small part of downtown where pedestrian traffic is heavy and expected to grow.

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