Brendan’s Vision

In recent years, an enormous amount of behind-the-scenes work has taken place to move our community to the next level. I’ve been honored to help with many these efforts, and I have seen first-hand the change in the collective thoughts about what Topeka was, is, and can ultimately become. But this is only the beginning.

Now, that work is ramping up and will start creating incredible opportunities in our community. I want to see this next-level Topeka come to fruition. I want everyone to see the Topeka I know and love. The work that is underway now is the key to success and the future of our community.

I’m committed to helping our community accomplish this transformation. One of the biggest challenges in our recent past has always been Topeka’s lack of growth. We need to have a strong, vibrant urban core and safe, welcoming neighborhoods to encourage the best talent to come and stay in Topeka. In addition, we need to change our image; not just our image to the world outside of Topeka, but to ourselves and our neighbors.

My vision of Topeka is a place where people want to live, have fun, and start families, all while feeling safe, connected, and engaged in their community. We can have all of this, and we can have it now.

Let’s build Topeka we’ve always wanted to live in today!