Creating Stronger Neighborhoods

  • Safety – Increased safety leads to stronger neighborhoods. When people feel safe to walk around parks and let their children play outside, bonds between neighbors are created and strengthened. The Topeka Police Department works hard to keep our city safe, but they can’t do it alone. We need to work with, empower, and help create Neighborhood Associations and Neighborhood Improvements Associations to encourage citizen participation in creating safe neighborhoods. Safety is a full-city partnership.
  • Infrastructure – One way to improve infrastructure in our community is to make use of the existing e311 app provided by the city to report issues as we see them. This alows individuals to be easily updated by the City as work progresses on the issue and ensures is is properly handled.

Clear and Consistent Decision Making

  • Objective, Fact-Based Decisions – My only campaign promise was to make objective decisions based on the facts. I do my best to┬ácast my vote for what is right for the city of Topeka and our community based on the best information available.
  • Two-Way Communication – A two-way line of communication is critical to the future of the city. I am always willing to listen to the thoughts, concerns, and ideas of Topekans and take that feedback into consideration when making decisions about our community. I’m always willing to explain what I know and my vote on any issue, much of which can be found on this website.

Plan for the Future

  • Grow Topeka – I want to see Topeka grow. I want to see more people here, and I want those already here to help us grow by becoming more engaged in the community.
  • Urban Core Development – I believe that Topeka needs a strong urban core in order to attract and retain the best talent to our community. A lot of work has already been done to revitalize our urban core, I’m working to make sure all previous foundational work done for this purpose is maintained and built upon.