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Heartland Park: The Vote

Too often in the history of our community we have made what I would consider to be economic blunders, or generally shot ourselves in the foot. In years gone by, I’m told we had the chance to build the ExpoCenter downtown between two hotels. However, because the folks who owned them could have made quite…

Some Thoughts on Heartland Park

Quite a few folks have contacted me regarding Heartland Park. I thought I’d take a moment and share some of my thoughts and a few facts I’ve been given by the staff at the City. To begin with, this is a bad situation plain and simple. It was a bad deal when we made it…

Welcome to BrendanJensen.com!

Welcome to my new website! I’m hopeful that this can serve as a communications platform to help us better discuss the issues that face District 6 and the greater Topeka area. Comments and questions are always welcome on my Facebook Page . I can also be emailed at BJensen@Topeka.org or called at 785-422-0018. I’m looking forward to a…